Using a Hammer when a Telephone would have done the job

The topic of cease and desist letters is an interesting one. It seems that blogs give voice to what people are thinking (but not saying in traditional media) as well as those facts that are known, but not widely published. If a blogger then says what everyone is thinking or reveals a fact that isn’t widely known (and which gets someone’s knickers all twisted up), then there is a possibility of the cease and desist letter. It’s the “I don’t like what you said, so I’m going to do this as a way of complaining.”

They are perhaps a move against “transparency.” ~ Jill Hurst-Wahl


It was never my intention to speak poorly of Bill Phillips. When people asked me why I was no longer involved with his website,, I wouldn’t talk about it. I knew that I didn’t want to take away from people the possible benefit that they may have gotten from using his program. I knew that people were counting on him to be what he was presenting to the world because I had been in their shoes once upon a time.

My intention was to just start feeling better, to start feeling like myself again. Because I wasn’t speaking about what had been such a big part of my life, I wasn’t able to show up in my world honestly and authentically, something I had worked extremely hard at the previous four years.  That was a major part of the process of losing the 100 pounds and keeping it off, being honest with myself and others.

Since I put my story up on this blog, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with many others who’ve had similar experiences with Bill over the years. For the first time in over a year, I’ve been able to speak freely and  I’ve been able to step back into my community of support. I do feel better. I’ve started to heal from what should have been a truly remarkable experience but alas was not.


Although he said he would on more than one occasion, Bill has not been in contact with me directly. He personally has not been in contact with any of the people he said he would be in touch with since the main blowup on back in September. His lawyers, however,  have been in contact with at least three of us, in the form of emailed Cease and Desist Letters.

The way I see it, I have several options. I can leave this blog up with all the comments, knowing full well that this is information that others need and want to see so that they will know they are not alone.  If I leave it up the way it is now, I’ll probably be looking at hiring a lawyer. Free speech isn’t free and he’s got the ability to make my life quite uncomfortable. The man’s got millions, and me, well, not so much. He can put a lid on just about any negative information about himself out on the web and now I understand how. 

Second option – I can remove only the comments that the emailed cease and desist letter specifically highlights. 

Third option – I take the blog down entirely and be done with this.  That means the next Michelle Treichel or ***** ***** or ***** ***** or **** *******or ***** ****** or *** ********* (names have intentionally been left off to protect the identities of others that have had similar dealings with BP that I’ve spoken to personally) that goes looking for information to see what kind of a guy Bill Phillips is since they’ve been offered a job working for the man won’t have a clue what he’s been like to so many people. 

If I lived in a world where I had unlimited resources, I could fight for what  is right.  I know what I’d like to do and yes, I know I’ve given too much head and heart space to this already.

My intention was to feel better.  I do feel better.

On Tuesday, November 23 I was advised I have 10 days to cease and desist. From the looks of the email I received, he’s concerned with two particular comments made by one person to Linda’s Guest Blog. 

And to think… all of this could have been taken care of with a simple phone call on Bill’s part. No grandiose gestures.  A simple phone call. 

When Bill said he felt the country could be completely transformed in 10 years—one person at a time – who would have thought he wasn’t including himself?



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36 Responses to Using a Hammer when a Telephone would have done the job

  1. kek says:

    I’m sorry (but not surprised) that it’s come to this, Michelle. I know you’re an honest person and it always makes me angry when the law is used to hide truth.

    Whatever you decide to do, I’m sure you’ll continue to act with integrity and carry yourself with grace and dignity.

  2. Jill says:

    The more I hear about him, the more my stomach turns. I wish I had the funds to help you fight for your right to free speech.

  3. KSD says:

    I guess I’m having a hard time understanding what the cause of action against you would be. The comment-maker may have some liability for her statements if they’re slanderous, but I think it would difficult to define you as a publisher? I suppose you could slap a big “The statements contained on this website do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the moderator” on here. Hmm. Pardon my geeking out over the legal issue, I’m just thinking it through. When someone holds himself out as a public figure, the protections against this type of speech are very flimsy. It’s not clear to me that you’ve crossed– or even approached– the line of what would be actionable. Again, just theorizing, not legal advice…

  4. Janelle says:

    I am not surprised, either. I do believe at the heart-level Bill’s intentions are there, but things get so messed up when humans are involved. I really don’t blame Bill for the way things went down there, it’s just human nature. People put him on a pedestal. People got tattoos of the logo, for crying out loud. I am sure Bill didn’t want that kind of following. I think it’s wise to cease and desist, but not for Bill’s sake. The bitterness we hold in our hearts eats us, not them. It is ego that wants to destroy the other and make him or her “wrong,” but is it more important to be “right” or loving? In the end, none of this matters. \What matters is what is in the heart, always what is in the heart and that’s only between you and God and Bill and God. Outsiders never have truth or reality figured out -the real truth is “somewhere in the middle.” Perspectives are tricky and projecting our own fears and pains on others never leads to anything good. It’s really not healthy to ban together to go “against” one person or corporation. How about stand together to be FOR something instead? I wish you all the best…

  5. Kevin says:

    Have you spoken to a lawyer? I don’t want to go into the whole 1st Amendment thing, but if someone is telling you that you speaking your mind, or even repeating what someone else has said, is not illegal the last time I checked.

    I just picked this from “Know the absolute defense against libel and slander. There are a number of possible defenses against libel and slander, but the only one which is an absolute defense is truth. If the statement is true, it cannot be considered libel or slander.”

    The truth is the truth.

    They want you to cease and desist from the truth?

    Somehow that doesn’t surprise me.

  6. Annie says:

    So many thoughts.. how to condense..? My 2 cents for what it’s worth-
    1) Michelle- you and this site have worth far beyond why people chose to leave Don’t take this away.
    2) Change the focus here to the positive- let’s focus on the things we want in our lives, not the things we don’t want or those we’ve already chosen to leave behind.
    3) Remove the comments specified by the attorney and post a note for anyone looking for details to contact the author directly. The telephone (& personal email) works both ways. I agree- people can benefit from past experience of others and save spreading of the pain. It’s important to know there are resources with this experience who are willing to share.

    Let’s get on to what we all want, which is to help people who are where we were and share the joy in being who we are meant to be. And, continue learning & moving forward together.


  7. Clara says:

    Bill Phillips doesn’t need to be perfect. There’s not a one of us who is perfect. You won’t find a business on the planet where everyone loves the owner. It’s not about that. It’s about being accountable for his actions. I am saying he’s got a reasonable obligation to honor his promises and supervise his staff in an appropriate manner.

    That’s a standard in the business world. If you delegate to your subordinates, you are still responsible for the actions and conduct of your team. CEOs across the country lose jobs because they were not paying attention to staff. Once you delegate to a subordinate, you then have a responsibility to follow up on things. I’ve been told he made time to participate in services for a member of the Denver Broncos. I’ve seen via fitness pros online that he made time to invite people to his house for strategy sessions.

    I have yet to see a single report that he’s directly reached out to the people he said he would. I’m rereading his comments from the original discussion. I see a lot about reaching out and making amends. I don’t see much amending. I hear things about silencing voices. I see cease and desist letters. I see conduct in his name that doesn’t make me inclined to conduct business with the man.

    I don’t see the Bill Phillips who inspired me and others to change everything and become something remarkable.

  8. LAURA HOWE says:


    • Linda Ann Smith says:

      Hum, wonders never cease. I wonder what the comments are that Bill is questioning from my story? Wonder how he even has the nerve to question anyone. My story only gave the reason I took the exit, had I gone into all the things that were exchanged through Pm’s and e-mail I would have had to write a book not a blog. Michelle You are doing a wonderful deed here helping people to see the light and know the truth, nothing is wrong with that. I always felt if you don’t want to be thought of as a dishonest person or one with little integrity then don’t put your worst side out for everyone to see. It’s so easy online to be someone you’re not but when you attend the events and see and hear for yourself and receive e-mails telling you what you can do and can’t and how you need to feel and act people begin t see the real you. Bill left himself open for all the criticism he is getting. The main blowup may have been in September but the questions and concern about the truth and integrity of Bill has been questioned long before even started. However when the site did take on a new look and he “Tricked” many into following him and him alone and to leave BFL as if it were no longer any good. Why do I say “tricked”? because it’s true. Promises were made for his own agenda not for the good of the people. First he hired Jerry Braam to make the already Champions for Life Cruise into a Bill Phillips celebration. He knew BFLers wanted to meet him and he took advantage and made changes that weren’t necessary or wanted. Example: Attending the 2008 cruise and taking over by pulling people away to awh him, changing the 2009 cruise date for his own convience and then backing out at the last minute without sponsoring the cruise as he promised. Going to Tennessee and dropping the F bomb, criticing our late nite get-togethers when he was doing the same thing we were. My understanding was that he felt he was the attraction and didn’t even bother to say thank you to the people that hosted and invited him.
      I was and am still grateful for the BFL Program, It works, the techniques work, however I can’t for the life of me understand the people that feel they owe their life to BP because they got back on the right direction of their life. I got on the right path, but I know it was because I found the right tools that helped me to do the work, I did the work myself. Bill Phillips wasn’t in my kitchen or going to the gym for me.
      In 2008 right before the cruise I got a little insight of what and who the real BP was. As I kept up with many BFL sites I posted on as an answer to someone elses post. They asked If BFL Tracker was down, I made a joke from a comericial I saw, “Yes, and I want my Tracker Now” It was meant to be nothing more then a silly comment yet I was blasted by Bill Phillips himself and told I was lowering my own integrity by posting that. I was exteremly upset that the person I admired for 5 years had actually written to me to blast me and make me feel so inferior. Silly , yet I cried my eyes out, I was devastated, hurt, torn and felt my BFL lifestyle had just come to a very unpleasant ending all because I posted a silly comment.
      It was at that time that I leaned that many many BFLers were not Bill Phillips followers. After a few e-mails back and forth I felt we resolved the problem and was happy to meet him in Tennessee and again in Denver. However I later was told by a Champion that I never got it and was not champion material.
      This is just a small except of a two year journey I took that lead me to the dark side. I have learned the truth found that I was not the only one that felt this rejection. Thanks to my supportive friends, BFL family and my own family I know that I never did need a title to be a champion, Regardless of what some may think, “I DO GET IT” Our past experiences are what have made us strong and made us who we have become today, no one can take that away. In order to save our comfort place, this site, let us begin a new journey to the future. We know what has happened and no one can take our thoughts away or tell us we can’t talk privately. Even when we do , the truth is already out, we know in our hearts that we are doing good with this site. Remember: Someone once said:
      “What goes around comes around.”

      Work like you don’t need the money. Love like you’ve never been hurt.
      Dance like nobody’s watching. Sing like nobody’s listening.
      Live like it’s Heaven on Earth.

      Always in the Spirit of BFL,
      Love, Your Cheerleader, GETHERDONE LINDA

  9. Kelly says:

    They probably were my comments. I don’t think that he has any right to demand you take down comments and threaten you with the law. The more I learn about this guy, the more disgusted I am. Someday he has to learn the lesson that he can’t go around silencing everyone who has anything bad to say about him or his venture. Quite honestly, I don’t think he has legal grounds AT ALL, in this case, and I wouldn’t budge. There were past champions of his on another website giving a ’10 years later’ interview. Some of them had terrible things to say about him. That was their RIGHT. If you treat other people like crap, you can’t go around suing because someone said you’re a jerk on a blog (in the comments section, at that). If he wants to be successful in his new venture, he should learn to take criticism. Threatening other people with legal action for their opinion will only blow up in his face as it only reveals his true colors and if he wants to squeeze, some of the dissenting voices are only going to get louder.

    • Clara says:

      Oh he has every right to ask that they be taken down. The bigger issue is what obligation there is to comply. C&D letters are just a threat. An actual C&D order comes from a judge.

      Technically under USC 47,section 230 as a content provider, most of the time bloggers are clear from lawsuits related to comments. The issue is do you feel like playing chicken with someone who has deep pockets. The truth will set ye free, but it can be expensive. In the end, that’s what lawyers rely on with C&D letters.

      • Kelly says:

        He has the right to ask, of course, but not necessarily DEMAND…and I think a C&D letter is pretty demanding. A C&D letter is also proof that he has read the complaints here…and still, he has not apologized to Michelle, to Linda, and all the others here he has hurt. If he had sent Michelle a heartfelt apology for her pain and then asked that she remove a few comments, that would be one thing, but a C&D letter…honestly? That’s a real show of character.

        There are lots of people who are afraid to say anything because if they do, the community turns against them and says they are a “negative person” or that they have a dark heart or some other ridiculous feel-good nonsense. You are supposed to “be the better person” and just take what Mr. Phillips dishes out. They have set up a mindset here that you are not allowed to deviate from or your very character is at risk. It is OKAY to be a positive person…as long as you are not a stupid, positive person. I was a stupid positive person and I was bought by all the “Oh, you’re upset because you’re negative and need change the most” crap. In THAT world “honesty” is negativity. I’m not sure I want to live in a world where honesty is sacrificed for the illusion of positivity when it’s really anything but a tool to take advantage of people by forced conformity. :/

        P.S. – Sorry I said something about the plastic surgery, Bill, and that is heartfelt, as I assume that’s what you’re upset about. Low blow by me – it was, I’ll admit, but it was a low blow from you to allow your people to publicly analyze my finances, characterize me in such a way for voicing honest concern with how much you wanted to charge for your website and further encourage them to continue with their comments. I invite you to contact me if you would like to discuss this reasonably. I am not threatened by legal action to take everything I have and all my money because I don’t have much, a rare but beneficial position. Make no mistake, I am very happy this way. : )

  10. Troy Cook says:

    The telephone can be a pleasureable experience. A friendly hello, a nice voice at the other end, an offer of an apology, an acceptance of said apology.
    The hammer, on the other hand, hurts when one contiunes to smack himself and others upside the head with it.
    Use the phone dumbass!!!!!
    It’s a simpler, softer solution.

  11. LAURA HOWE says:

    This was my quote of the day in my inbox..I laugh as obviously the Universe is listening to you Michelle xox

    “People of character do the right thing, not because they think it will change the world but because they refuse to be changed by the world.” – Michael Josephson

  12. Rena says:

    About a year and a half ago I wrote an article for Affluent Magazine that summarizes my thoughts on this debacle and Enlightened Leadership. I posted it today on my blog at and it was inspired by my experience with various leaders that I have encountered personally and professionally–you know who included. Although I am fairly certain if he read it, he would think it described him– and was even about him. (Cue that spot-on Carly Simon song.) The sentiment in the last line of my blog named above nails my assessment of all that is written here.

    Leadership can come from an unchecked ego, a bully, a brilliant mind or big check book and those things alone…

    But Enlightened Leadership on the other hand, requires an enlightened person.

    Michelle, I mention in this article, “When you lead in an enlightened fashion, people are more creative, resourceful, trusting, loving, group minded, self-monitored and invested.”

    As an enlightened leader you will go forward to create this site in the vision of the enlightened leader that you are. Remove what YOU want to–not what you were bullied into removing. Create a positive vision for BYOO and act on it-just as you did for your health and wellness 100+ pounds ago. You will not be accepting defeat in doing this, you will leading from your heart.

    I think the world of the incredible people that have posted here on this blog. I appreciate all it took for each of you to tell your very personal stories.

    Looking forward to what is next in the journey now that we are all good and awake- and no longer participating in the illusion.

    Every word and every comment was an important part of the process here. (Every single one….even YOUR comment, Bill.) Let me ask you this…When you walk your dog and scoop up his business–do you jam it in your pocket and keep it? Or be rid of it as soon as you can? It may be time to clean out smelly pockets.


  13. ChristinaBFL says:

    Where’s the “like” button when you need it? 🙂 Well said, Rena!

  14. Dianne says:

    I only have one question and it’s not for you, Michelle. It’s something I would like to know directly from Bill. Why, in heaven’s name, Bill, would you bother posting a public admission of responsibility on Michelle’s original blog (almost an apology, but not quite) then go even further by personally volunteering some means of reconciliation, an actual offer of contact to set things right, and then have your attorneys send a letter threatening legal action?!?

    I’d say, “What we have here… Is a failure to communicate.”

    What we also have is a pattern of action that keeps repeating itself again and again. I’m going to take my friend and teacher, Stephen Covey’s advice here – “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.”

    I, for one, was really hoping that, somehow, things would be different this time – I really hoped you would put some authentic action behind your words. You had the perfect opportunity here, in this venue, to set 1000 wrongs right – or at least start the process. You even stepped forward and offered to do just that.

    I am now officially done with the insanity. Sheesh!

    • Rena says:

      I smell a squeaky-clean fresh-smelling pocket…. :+)

    • Kevin says:

      Dianne, it’s a pattern for him – To say he’s going to do something (or not do something) and then do the complete opposite. “This site will always be free”. I could go on..

      When I noticed that the first time, I (Like everyone else) ignored it, but when it continued to happen (Over and over) I figured he was just unreliable and flaky, and I only hung on because I cared about the other people who didn’t see it.

      • Dianne says:

        I couldn’t agree more, Kevin. I am a pretty strong person and, as I have said before, I don’t think I would have ever had the strength to leave on my own. The people I felt I was helping were the glue that kept me looking the other way – turning the other cheek. They were the ones who made it possible to ignore the leadership there. It was the community of good people that kept me going and and kept me ignoring the creepy, uncomfortable gut feeling I had every time I logged on.

        It’s funny, I remember reading an article about 7-8 years ago – it was an interview with BP and I recall thinking it was so odd that the person interviewing Bill described him as “painfully shy and steadfastly private.” I thought to myself, hmmmm, those aren’t the character traits of a leader… they sound more like someone who has something to hide. I quickly shoved that idea to the back of my mind. No way, I thought, no way in hell…

        Well, ah… WAY.

  15. Ediegram says:

    I am just reading this blog and I wish I could say that I was in shock at the news. But I really guess that I shouldn’t be. I don’t really have any other comments to add than what has been said already. Just know that I can say “I’ve got your back”, and I know many here feel the same way.

    Please don’t take the blog down. It’s a way for many who have been hurt to share their own personal experiences with Tcom and BP. (and I don’t mean the oil company) 😉

  16. BEAU says:

    this is true but the phone will NEVER be good enough for me… face to face only and we ALL know that bill is totally incapable of that…
    also, just to let everyone who is interested know, my friend and i STILL have NOT heard from bill about meeting up but we too received one of his world renowned cease and desist letters… i never replied and i will not reply… no one will tell me who i can or can’t talk to, that’s absurd… this isn’t 1940’s germany and he is NO leader…. and yes, that is a hitler reference…


  17. Laura Howe says:

    Been over 10 days …so happy to see this still up …glad to see peeople are not so easily bullied any longer and that people are waking up to the truth and finding the light in themselves instead of being lead by others. Loving people have been connected in ways and transformed some hard facts into life lessons that I am sure none of us will forget and all of us have grown from in different ways. I am proud of all it took to keep up this site and prouder yet to have so many friends of great charachter xoxoxo Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to everyone and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

  18. BEAU says:

    I agree Laura. You make such a good point. Being bullied is a terrible thing and when your the person who has gotten away with bullying people around for so long there comes a time when it must stop. That time is now. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Once again, thank you Michelle…


  19. Linda Ann Smith says:

    I had the same feeling Dianne mentioned, The people I felt I was inspiring were the glue that kept me going and and kept me ignoring the creepy, uncomfortable gut feeling I had. It got to where I was upset every time I logged in, I thought, wait this is a site that is suppose to make me feel better about myself better about my life and forgive the hurt around me. Instead I was feeling unworthy,never good enough, feeling if everyone else has such a perfect life I must be doing something wrong, and worst of all beginning to really feel like my friends were stabing me in the back, learned that a few were. What a shame, I realized it was them that needed help not me and walked away.
    Best long walk I ever took!

    By all means, if you are happy there, stay, but if you have doubts, look into the corners and see what might be in the shadows. All I am saying is if it seems too good to be true it usually is and all that glitters is not gold.

    There are good people that mean well and there are good people that think they are trying to do the right thing and get caught up in messes they can’t wiggle out of, so just watch your back.
    There is an angel and a devil on everyones shoulders, it’s your choice to pick the angels that are really truely care.


  20. Brett says:

    Thank you all for this site and your great posts. I have struggled with my weight-loss journey for many years. Three years ago, I found and thought God had lead me there. Like many of you, it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for in an attempt to become the man I wanted to be. It was not. Any time I challenged anything on the site, I was offended by either Coach or Bill with questions about my inner-self; as if my inner-self had anything to do with what I thought were negative aspects of Finally it all ended, without my doing. A friend of mine signed up for the site, using my home computer, he wrote a letter asking why a site that was about loving each other and making changes to make our lives better was so hooked on posting photos of good-looking, in-shape people. And why were people pushed aside when they questioned anything about the site. Within hours, my friend’s profile and MY profile were both taken off the site. I had an email from Coach Stoney asking me why I would go on the site with a fake name and post such a comment. “Was it my drinking that made me do it?” What? Why was I being punished and removed for a friend’s comments, when nobody on the site knew he was my friend — because he used my computer! How do they know he used my computer? They are powerful people there at I could not even return to the site using my home computer anymore after this. They some how (and I’m no computer expert) figured out that my friend’s message came from my computer and stopped it from going to that site. I was only able to finally return to the site when I got a new computer. That is power. I later got an email from Coach asking me to return, but I know see he is gone. I tried to get answers of where he was and only found them here — not at After reading this blog and the posts, I know that I should have followed my heart before and said good-bye to the community a while ago. Thanks for your help and I hope all of you have great lives by being yourselves and helping, truly helping, others. Thanks and take care.

    • BEAU says:

      You just let me know when your ready to talk… I can shed a LOT of light on why the fake “coach” is no longer at tcon… I’m not just talking about made up words either… I have plenty of proof to back up anything i tell you, even stuff from bill himself… Hope to hear from you soon…


  21. Laura Howe says:

    Brett…welcome to reality my friend….power abused,trust taken and guru exposed by people with the strength and power inside themselves to do for themself what this man “sells”. We should never listen to the tune of others more than the beat of our own heart as it will never steer us wrong of we just dare to trust it.

    World English Bible
    “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves.

  22. Brett says:

    Just found out The Transformation Solution Program will be unveiled on Tuesday, February 1st, 2011…at a BIG 3-day introductory discount. Got an email from “Bill” giving me a chance at getting a free report — 3 Deadly Dieting Mistakes Plus 7 PROVEN Tips to Quickly Become Lighter, Healthier and More Energetic in 2011. The report is just general stuff, and it is basically an advertisement for the Transformation Solution Program, which looks like a bunch of DVD’s and CD’s, the Transformation Book and Journal — all that I’m going to be able to buy in February. So, did Bill basically use the Transformation site over the last few years to get test-studies for his book and commercials for this program that is most-likely going to bombard late-night television with the Snuggy and Tony Little? Maybe the people on the site knew this was happening. Maybe once they are a champion, they are told they are going to be used as an example in this program. Is that what the reward money was for? Is that why there were always more champions than previously announced — so there would be more examples to sell the program. I had heard Bill was eventually going to launch some big money-making program. I guess in less than one month we finally get to see it and Bill will start to make the money this was all intended to bring him.

    • Clara says:

      You know, I’ve never had an issue with Bill making money off his work. He’s a business man, that’s part of the job. But be clear about it. Don’t go around saying things like the site will always be free, then act like people are ungrateful when you shift things around and ask for payment.

      A pay site holds him accountable. Once you have people paying for monthly subscriptions, you’ve got a whole new ballgame. People expect results, and with the joys of the web today the folks who don’t get results OR who are treated in an inappropriate manner are going to be inclined to speak up.

      So let him set up a pay site. People are going to look at it more closely. That’s a great thing. Best of luck to him. I actually feel bad for the guy. He’s way behind the curve.

  23. Beth says:

    I received Bill’s invitations to his latest promotion and remembered this website & wanted to see how this community was doing. It’s my hope that the C&D letter was simply idle bullying. Seems to me that any lawsuit would only bring more negativity to Tcom’s & Bill’s aspirations.

    As for getting fit and healthy–physically, mentally, and spiritually (& financially), there’s tons of free websites & forums on the www. Fitdaydotcom and Torchspirit are wonderful and have forums, and of course, if one is looking to compete, there’s bodyforlife. There’s free 12-step programs & Celebrate Recovery groups that have helped thousands of people overcome food issues and help with “mental housekeeping.” There’s no charge for receiving spiritual help at any church, synogogue, temple, etc. and I have no problem putting God on a pedestal…rather than a fallible human being (including me).

    As I read and type my post, I can’t help but wonder what Mike Harris would have thought about all that’s happened. Of course, Mike was just as human and fallible as Bill, but I always felt his motives were pure. I think he would say forgive or pray for willingness to forgive, and he’d probably throw in a blog about sabotaging my challenge with anger. LOL. Thx Mike.

  24. Jill says:

    Any other former people getting bombarded with emails from BP & I don’t have a profile on and I have unsubscribed from the emails I received and now I am receiving a ton more. Is this guy kidding me?

  25. Jacqui says:


    Brett, welcome to the world of cyber bullying meets Tcom. I don’t want to clutter up Michelle’s comment column with the tome I could write about my experiences and why I left. (I’m blogging about it in my own space) but it is good to see others going through what I experienced that led to my attempted quiet exit that didn’t go quite as quietly as I wanted. I have worked hard to put behind me the experiences there but what I’m realising as I started my blogs about Tcom yesterday is it isn’t knocking Bill off a pedestal, it isn’t ANY of the b.s. that went down that I’m “hurt and traumatized” about. My past experiences with people like Coach and Bill taught me better than that.

    But the bullying. The intimidation. The threats. The coercion. The trust no one but me crap. I HAD to leave because it was starting to make me physically ill to be there even for anyone that may have been inspired by anything I was doing then. It was like repeatedly going into a room full of spiders and other creepy crawlies and I have a horrid bug phobia. When I learned about the inappropriate things the mighty Coach was doing to some of my friends and then making THEM feel like they were the “bad” ones reminded me of a child abuser who blames a 7yr old kid for “making” the adult do gross things… I mean, seriously?!

    What hurt me the most was losing that support system. That sense of community, trust, and comeraderie I had built up from the BFL site. By the time I got the hell out of Dodge, I didn’t know who to trust, who was fishing for information just to b-slap me with it later, who was really upset or concerned to my departure… I suspected everyone and it wasn’t a healthy place to be. I just wanted to blog, share in a community, keep losing weight, grow together and have fun.

    I understand Bill isn’t a god. I understand Coach is human. Failings are forgivable, and would have been refreshing. But what goes on in Tcom, that’s not forgivable.

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