Is It Worth Dying For?

by Guest Blogger Richard “Rico” Brown


After a heart attack, physicians recommend that the patient participate in a cardiac rehab program. Cardiac rehab is more than just physical exercise. It’s purpose is to educate the patient on the lifestyle changes required to live a long, healthy and productive life. Many find the emotional, spiritual and physical support they need to overcome their new test in life through cardiac rehab. 

One of the things that the doctors want you to learn in rehab is how to avoid and handle stress. I’ll never forget a phrase that I heard during therapy that really resonated with me. When you find things in life that stress you, things that cause you anxiety, you have to ask yourself:  “Is this worth dying for? because this one thing could be what kills you.” That question is so powerful. 

Let’s explore this question and take it a step further. Let’s go beyond the subject of stress. Let’s go to other things that affect our health, and ask the same question. Is this worth dying for?

Is smoking cigarettes worth dying for?

Is gorging my body with unhealthy food worth dying for?

Is being in my comfort zone of unhealthiness worth dying for?

Is (you fill in the blank) worth dying for?

Take the next couple of days and spend some time contemplating on what negative, unhealthy things are in your life that keeps you from progressing and moving forward towards being the healthy and happy person you want and deserve to be. Make a decision to take the necessary steps to remove the negative and unhealthy and replace it with healthy and positive.

Richard Brown

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