Follow up – The Internet is Not Your Therapist

by Guest Blogger Clara K. Showalter


So it looks like this idea struck a real nerve with people. It’s resulted in a ton of interesting offline conversations with folks.

For clarification purposes – I’ve been reminded that originally the Transformation website was actually open for people to read, not post. That just re-enforces my level of horror that people were posting these kinds of deep, dark secrets to the world at large.

I mean come on, posting that you are having an illicit affair and your husband doesn’t know about it yet is bad. Posting it where anyone with half a brain and Google can find it? That’s just asking for trouble. The site was then closed up, requiring you to be a member and log in to view things. Still troubling, but at least you couldn’t be exposed in a drive by type of situation.

Now the site is again open AND there’s the added bonus that people can wander in and randomly tweet out your blog entries. This isn”t such a big deal if you are just joining and can see that entries can be tweeted out. It’s a big deal if you posted information and you didn’t expect it to be republished.

It’s a bigger deal when you have information on that type of site and no longer have the ability to remove that information. People who’ve been removed from the site can’t delete their blogs. Yet someone can come in there and republish that information.

This begs the question – if you are removed from a website for any reason, should you lose your ability to control information that you put onto that site?

Thoughts? Comments?

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