Why I left Transformation.com by MichelleT


What would you do if you were given a chance to help change the world for the better? What would you do if the person you believed was responsible for helping you change your own life gave you the chance to help others? Two years ago an amazing thing happened. Bill Phillips reached out to me and offered me the chance to share my story with others. I was offered the chance to be part of his team, to work with him and others to make the world a better place.

At first I thought it was a dream come true. It was a chance to share my story of losing over 100 pounds of fat and gaining amazing health, vitality and confidence. It was a chance to help people and to truly make a difference in the lives of others. 

Less than a year later, I sat with my heart breaking. I’d discovered that the wonderful world of Oz wasn’t what I thought it was.For eleven months I was pulled back and forth as promises were made and broken. I allowed my life to be turned upside down because if I spoke out, I’d lose my chance. I was told to just sit back, not be demanding, and wait. I watched as people were ignored, belittled, and berated and felt powerless.

With my story featured on the front page, a podcast, a copy of the book jacket with my photo on it, and in a success stories video that was to be on nationwide television, I walked away from Transformation.com. I’d been offered a chance to work with Bill Phillips, a chance to help transform the world. I didn’t know the price that would be demanded of me.  The price of my silence. Don’t question the gift. Don’t question the things I see. Don’t question him. Step behind the curtain and then ignore what I was seeing.

I made the decision to remove myself from a community of wonderful people because staying there meant I was going to have to keep doing things that I knew in my heart were wrong.  So I sat there and hurt. The dream was broken and for a while so was I. You see, I’d spent a lot of time thinking that this was what I wanted. Over the last year I’ve come to realize that it’s not what I want, and more than that I can’t want it. I could not want to be part of a place where people were scared of speaking the truth. I could not be part of a place where you had to change who you were in order to be accepted. I could not be a part of a place where people thought it was acceptable to lie to me and to others. I could not be part of a place where I had to be silent.

This is far from the story that I thought I would have to share when I originally heard of Bill Phillips, but by sharing this part of my tale, my intention is that I will once again be able to focus on the true story, my having lost over 100 pounds of unnecessary fat and gaining the strength of character to do what is right for me. It’s time to move forward and take advantage of the opportunity I’ve been given to help people learn that they can and should be their own Oz.



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24 Responses to Why I left Transformation.com by MichelleT

  1. Troy says:

    It really seems like nothing has changed at all from what I have read about Bill’s antics back in the 90’s.
    He needs to practice the steps he preaches others to follow!
    From worst to burst!!!!!!
    Such a sad story!

  2. Dieanna says:

    Hello Michelle….Awesome girlie! I have always said that something wasn’t right with BP. I applaud you for having the strength to walk away and do what your heart told you to do. I hope many are saved by this!!

    I am so proud of all that you have accomplished, you are such an inspiration and YOU are the type of person we should be looking up to and seeking our for information on to get healthy, happy and strong!!

    Love and Hugs to you … xoxo …
    Dieanna (formerly LadyDi70)

  3. Kathleen says:

    I Michelle.. it’s me, “Kath” 🙂
    You are a true Champ in so many ways.
    Thank you for posting from your heart.
    Peace & Love to you always.

  4. Sally says:

    You are NOT alone.

    That site has harmed too many good people. Shame on Bill PHillips and may he reap what he sows.

  5. Dianne says:

    Michelle, my friend, you have once again inspired me in a way that is beyond words. Of all the transformations I have seen over the past 12 years, yours stands out as one of the most amazing. I will always cherish the time we spent together, sharing stories and victories and friendship on the last Champion’s cruise. You are one of the most inspirational and courageous individuals I have ever met.

    I, too, have a story to tell about the disappointment and shock of being removed from T.com. Admittedly, leaving is something that I probably would have never done on my own. Mr. Phillips did me a huge favor last Christmas, by removing my profile from his website. I doubt if I would have had the strength to leave on my own as you did – despite the weird vibe and gut-turning feeling I had every time I logged on…

    Why didn’t I trust that feeling? In any other situation, I would have run as fast as I could in the other direction. Therein lies the biggest problem. Being on T.com made me ignore that feeling. Why? Because I believe that Bill Phillips was a gracious and kind person who’s only desire was to help others. I ignored my intuition – you didn’t – and you are a better person for it.

    You have all my admiration and love, Michelle. You continue to be one of the greatest examples of what can be, when you follow your heart.

    Love and hugs,

  6. maryann says:

    *clap, clap, clap*
    you did it Michelle.
    you condensed your emotions and feelings and reasons in such a beautiful and well thought out way, crafted with wisdom and grace. It truly is who you are…who you have become thru that experience.
    you inspire me.

  7. Kevin says:

    Thank you for writing this down. Now when I (and I still do) have people that as why I left, I will direct them here.

    I felt exactly the same way.

    I also take it personally when someone hurts someone I care about, and that’s not OK with me..

  8. maryann says:

    i liked the “moving forward” part. there are countless ways to open up to your realizing the good and powerful person inside you…but in any of those ways if you have to hand that power to another…then, how can that be healthy? use whatever tools you have to gain that power and health and then run with it, baby! own it. don’t let someone talk you back out of it or hijack it for their means.

  9. Danielle says:

    Bravo for you. Thank you for sharing your story. You are such an inspiration. You never needed BP in the first place to be your own oz.


  10. Amanda says:

    Michelle, It takes more courage than most people will ever know to turn away from a dream when the price does not match your personal values. I know you will be blessed for this experience. You are being prepared to change the world in a powerful way.

  11. Annie says:

    I’m grateful for BFL and the changes we made in our lives thru it; I know you because of BFL- what a gift! But, I’m sorry that you, and others, were hurt at t.com by the same person that gave us such a gift. It saddens and discourages me that fellow human beings hold themselves so much higher and apart from others so that they don’t see or don’t care how their actions or lack of actions impact the lives of others.

    It hurts my heart to know you were in pain and I didn’t know so that I could try to help ease it. However, it makes my heart soar to know you are healing, becoming whole again, and reaching out to help others. Live YOUR dream, make it reality. You have more to offer than you can even realize.

    God Bless You, Michelle, my dear FFL!

  12. BEAU says:


  13. Tony says:

    You know Michelle you are still not saying the whole truth, partial truth will get you nowhere. Instead of attacking people you should just forgive them and move on with your life. All this shows me is you have some growing up to do. And for everyone else you should be ashamed of yourself for listening to her. She just got impatient and couldn’t wait there was nothing else going on behind the scenes! Grow up Michelle!!!

  14. Bill Phillips says:

    I apologize very much for what you are feeling Michelle. I am repsonsible for it. I was not aware that you had ever been asked to be ‘silent’ about anything. I just knew you were interested in helping and then you were gone. The explanation I received was essentially that you were no longer interested. Since I didn’t have direct correspondence with you, I may not have been given reliable information about what you were actually communicating. Still, the person whom you were in direct communication with was an employee of mine and I am responsible for that. I accept that responsibility. If there is anything I can do to help make it right, please just let me know. I have always thought highly of you and respected you and the accomplishments you’ve worked to achieve. And of course I still think you are a very good person. Perhaps at some point you would be willing to allow me to apologize to you in person, but that is entirely up to you. And finally, I absolutely agree with you that what people discover as a result of transformation is that they have had the ability to change all along. It doesn’t come from me or any other person. Sincerely, Bill Phillips

  15. ediegram says:

    Oh wow.. I was given this link today in light of some recent disturbances that have taken place at the T site. I always wondered what happened to you. Seriously we do need to meet for that coffee.. 🙂


  16. Larry says:

    Hi, Michelle, Thank you for sharing. You’ve always been an inspiration to me and still are. You’ll always be a “Champion” in my book. God bless.

  17. Paul McMahon says:

    Praying that wisdom, reconciliation, healing, peace and renewal comes to all involved, whether directly or indirectly … let’s not let the actions of a few ruin all the growth and positive changes that have taken place for so many to date and the many more that can still benefit in future.


  18. JW says:

    I appreciate your message of “Be Your Own Oz.” While I know nothing of the issues you had at T.com or with certain people, and I have never experienced such things, I pray for your healing so you can move on in the healthy and empowered manner in which you seek and deserve. I appreciate the messages of mentors, but I, too, have come to learn that I really know best. In the end, each of us do and it’s important to realize that and know where to put our truth faith and never give our power away. My best to you, Janelle

  19. Howard says:

    Still “the Champ” – a living breathing proof of REAL transformation and lasting inspiration. You rock and you are now free to lead in your own way!

  20. Jan says:

    I do know to some degree, the same cunning and baffling behavior that you experienced related to t.com and more specifically with Bill himself. I am extremely grateful for the overall experience from my time participating in the community and the many gifts it brought to my life. The concept of the site is brilliant and I met so many amazing people by participating. I am grateful and proud of what I accomplished through my 18-week transformation challenge and since. At the point I found some of the overall objectives and leadership very confusing I made the sad but necessary decision to step out. I’ll keep it simple, but at the time it was anything but a simple thing for me to do.

    I do know that hurting people hurt people. When the pain is replaced with peace, the chaos stops as quickly as a storm ends. We all deserve to Live the Rainbow.

  21. Jaki says:

    We never really got to know each other on T.com, yet I always respected you greatly. There are times when it is good to speak out and let go of what has caused us hurt and then to let it go so that it no longer steals any of your life. You will be stronger and have a bigger heart because of your experiences – so in a way it has been a gift. Love and light – Gratitude and faith – Jaki 🙂

  22. BEAU says:

    I’m here to give an update to everyone. Bill stated a date we could meet up but in the end he cancelled the meeting. He has done nothing to try to make amends to me and a very good friend of mine. He has, however, sent me and my friend an email letter from his lawyers stating who we could and could not talk to.

  23. june mccloud says:

    I wish to send my thoughts of understanding and sorrow for the misleadings or promises that were made to you by Bill Phillips and Tcom. Even though I was never a member of Tcom, I too have been affected by Bill Phillips and his previous head coach, Stony Grimes.

    I struggle with being overweight and I was being encouraged to join Tcom for support and help to improve my physical fitness. However, before I made the decision to join, my heart was ripped apart by the actions of Stony Grimes.

    I have read many of the testimonials of people who were wronged by Bill Phillips and promises made, and the actions of Stony Grimes. As gate keeper of Tcom, I believe yes Bill Phillips is morally responsible for the heartaches each of you feel. God is our supreme gate keeper – does he look the other way and fail to deal with our actions? No! Through prayer he helps us to deal with our shortcomings and leads us down paths to improve our lives and the lives of others.

    I have lived through much sorrow and dysfunctions in my life time of 66 years. For the past few years my life was finally at peace and I was feeling joy. Because Stoney Grimes was in a position of trust, he was able to make false promises and leave lasting affects on some people’s lives – mine being one of them. I now have lost someone I loved dearly!

    At death, most people are still loved. In divorce, most people are being told they are no longer loved. I now believe it is easier to lose a loved one through death.

    I have read e-mails and I know the timeframe of events to know these things to be true!

    Beau’s mom


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