What’s your Success Story?


If you are reading this blog, you probably know that the bestselling book, Body-for-LIFE, and it’s message have been invaluable in helping thousands of people change their minds, change their bodies and change their lives.  

The book and it’s simple yet not easy program was instrumental in starting me on the path  to losing and keeping off just over 100 pounds of fat and gaining a life that I had only dreamed possible.

I’d love to hear how you’ve used the contents of the book to move your life forward. What lessons have you learned and implemented to make you successful in your weight loss journey? What would you share with others to help encourage them on their journey?What’s your success story? 

Reach out and share with us the positive that Body-for-LIFE has brought into your life. It’s important to share our accomplishments and  your shared win  just might make all the difference in someone else’s own success story.

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4 Responses to What’s your Success Story?

  1. Jillian May says:

    Hi Michelle! Thank you ever so much for sharing. I can identify so much with what you and others have written about Transformation. I want to express my gratitude for you giving a voice to the voiceless. You see, I still am not able to articulate in words the depth of my disapointment. I don’t know if I ever will. . . Transformation left me hurt, very hurt, spiritually and physically. Something happened with the site late last Summer/early Fall and it made me see some things which I wish I never had. This, of course, was swept under the rug. The book devotes an entire chapter to “Making Things Right.” In my opinion, Bill let us down and DIDN’T make things right. Next to my Dad, Bill was the biggest hero in my life. It was with extreme regret and heartbreak that I severed ties and retired my profile, because I truly loved all of my friends there. I just couldn’t subscribe to a set of ideals led by a “leader” who seemingly did not practice what was preached. Funny, the other morning I flashed upon how happy I used to be every day getting up, logging on, and planning my day while saying hello to everyone on the boards. Now, life is totally different. I am physically hurting (sustained a life changing injury at the Denver event last October and still cannot walk well – among other injuries), and at a place much worse than when I started. Now, not only am I limited physically, I also still feel regret from my association with Transformation. There’s so much I could write, but can’t at present, and I am not sure I would if I could. Still, there is one truth I know in life that will never fail; I know God loves me. I believe that there is a lesson to be learned, and I have faith that one day I can finish what I thought I had started on T.com. It’s sad for me; I can’t tell you how much I miss everyone on the site. I just feel like people were very hurt and they were too afraid to speak out about it. I don’t want to be a part of that, no matter how much it hurts losing contact with friends I know personally and love dearly. It was a huge loss for me, but I feel that it was better to sever ties than to perpetrate what I believe to be a myth. I don’t want to be a part of something that could hurt others so badly. For now, all I can do is pray for everyone (including Bill), and mostly, pray that I will be able to breathe and let go. I am happy your site is here Michelle. THANKS! “)

    “Ones best success comes after their greatest disappointments.”
    ~Henry Ward Beecher

  2. Laura Howe says:

    You have always been a inspiration to me and you are a role model to be proud of. I respect the journey of weight loss and how it helps some find themselves but on all levels do I respect you and the weight loss is just a added bonus. YOU are a woman who makes choices that many would not dare to make and your bravery to do the right thing makes you a leader and a educator worthy of note. You are a strong woman even without your muscles and I am PROUD to know you & call you FRIEND !

  3. Jillian May says:

    Just wanted to clarify that my injury happened during the stay in Denver, prior to the event, while waiting to meet another site member. I still wish I had never gone. I’d be physically whole, instead of in the hole physically!

  4. Michelle says:

    Michelle again…THANK YOU! For continuing to inspire me and countless others.

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