Transforming Turmoil into Triumph

Part Two of a Three Part Series

by Guest Blogger Dianne Orwig


Transformation #2 – THE MIND – So it’s no surprise that I was pretty excited when one day I found myself exchanging emails with the man himself, Mr. BP.

At the time, I was coaching BFLers on a popular club message board known as using the screen name DreamDoerToo. As a way to give back to the program that had given me so much, I spent six to eight hours of free time each week giving support and answering questions.

It was pretty common knowledge among the regulars at L&S that Bill Phillips lurked out there and on occasion would post or comment on threads under a variety of assumed names, my favorite being “Kelly.” One day I wrote a really corny poem called “ODE To BILL” and posted it on the site. It went something like this: (okay – a bit embarrassing – but here it goes)

When first I heard of Phillip’s plan

The Body-for-LIFE Transformation man

I never thought I’d end up like this

With a body to die for and a life of bliss

And now it’s been almost one-full-year

My Body-for-LIFE seems so perfectly clear


Where once I was lost, wanted to hide away

Now challenge, excitement, and love fill my day

So, to all out there who aren’t sure what to do

 Trust me, I once was skeptical too

But, take it from me, it’s not hard to learn

It’s Body-for-LIFE and now it’s your turn!

When Bill noticed the poem, he sent me an email saying, “Your poem is really cute. Glad you are still feeling and looking good. Bill Phillips” From there we began chatting online and at some point the subject of books came up. Bill wrote “I’m working in my office in LA tonight on the next good book: Energy For Life,” and I said, “How ironic, I’m in my office in Florida working on my book, In The Box.”

This conversation led to months of email communication with Bill and a lot of excitement about the possibility of having my book published through his new company, High Point Media. He warned me against seeking out a big publisher, saying that he had “experienced the massive inefficiencies and ineptitudes of the New York publishing machines,” and he had the knowledge “to attract people who are looking for the messages in your book.”

My enthusiasm built as I continued to receive requests for additional chapters, and I found the positive feedback from Bill and his publicist, Jim Nagle, extremely encouraging. I worked around the clock, writing and editing until, at last, I finally completed and submitted the final chapter of In The Box. Honestly, I’m not sure I would have finished that completed first draft if it hadn’t been for the drive and push I received during the whole process.

Then, just like that, everything went silent. No more contact of any kind from Bill or from Jim. To say that I was confused would be an understatement, the whole all-to-nothing way things transpired. None of it matched up. I felt dumped… like a bad date without as much as a quick courtesy call to say it’s not you… it’s me.

Understand that it’s not that I was naïve about the publishing business. I knew going in that getting published was a one in a thousand shot, no matter what the situation. I also knew that at its best, the publishing process is slow and arduous. It was more the abrupt shift in communication that I found so perplexing and unsettling.

I spent months waiting, making several inquiries with no response of any kind. After a while I began to think that I must have done or said something wrong. What else could explain the drop to absolute zero communication? Eventually I received a form-style rejection letter in the mail from Jim Nagle. It then took several more months and numerous requests that my manuscript be returned to me before In The Box finally arrived, back where it began.

I remember sitting at my desk, staring at the manuscript wondering, “What the heck happened?” It was a strange mix of emotions. On the one hand, I felt disappointment and anger about being left in the dark. On the other, I felt an enormous sense of accomplishment. The truth was that I had set out to finish the first draft of my book and despite the mystifying and unanticipated outcome, Bill Phillips had pushed me to reach yet another life changing goal.


Excerpt from Part 3 – to be posted

Friday, October 1st

Transformation #3 – THE SPIRIT – Fast forward to July 4, Independence Day again, but this time, 2008.  After receiving several email invitations to join a new site created by Bill Phillips called, I decided to go in and take a look. I really missed my days at and felt this might be the perfect way to get back to giving back.

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2 Responses to Transforming Turmoil into Triumph

  1. maryann says:

    thanks Dianne and Michelle…i think its amazing how everyone has grown thru all these experiences and have all become more in touch with their own true self and have a better grip on who they are as a result of the journey thru these things. hats off to everyone for revealing the journey and struggle to be real.

  2. Edie says:

    I’m anxious to hear the rest of this post. Thanks so much for sharing!

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