Why I Left Transformation.com by MichelleT


What would you do if you were given a chance to help change the world for the better? What would you do if the person you believed was responsible for helping you change your own life gave you the chance to help others? Two years ago an amazing thing happened. Bill Phillips reached out to me and offered me the chance to share my story with others. I was offered the chance to be part of his team, to work with him and others to make the world a better place.

At first I thought it was a dream come true. It was a chance to share my story of losing over 100 pounds of fat and gaining amazing health, vitality and confidence. It was a chance to help people and to truly make a difference in the lives of others. 

Less than a year later, I sat with my heart breaking. I’d discovered that the wonderful world of Oz wasn’t what I thought it was. For eleven months I was pulled back and forth as promises were made and broken. I allowed my life to be turned upside down because if I spoke out, I’d lose my chance. I was told to just sit back, not be demanding, and wait. I watched as people were ignored, belittled, and berated and felt powerless.

With my story featured on the front page, a podcast, a copy of the book jacket with my photo on it, and in a success stories video that was to be on nationwide television, I walked away from Transformation.com. I’d been offered a chance to work with Bill Phillips, a chance to help transform the world. I didn’t know the price that would be demanded of me.  The price of my silence. Don’t question the gift. Don’t question the things I see. Don’t question him. Step behind the curtain and then ignore what I was seeing.

I made the decision to remove myself from a community of wonderful people because staying there meant I was going to have to keep doing things that I knew in my heart were wrong.  So I sat there and hurt. The dream was broken and for a while so was I. You see, I’d spent a lot of time thinking that this was what I wanted. Over the last year I’ve come to realize that it’s not what I want, and more than that I can’t want it. I could not want to be part of a place where people were scared of speaking the truth. I could not be part of a place where you had to change who you were in order to be accepted. I could not be a part of a place where people thought it was acceptable to lie to me and to others. I could not be part of a place where I had to be silent.

This is far from the story that I thought I would have to share when I originally heard of Bill Phillips, but by sharing this part of my tale, my intention is that I will once again be able to focus on the true story, my having lost over 100 pounds of unnecessary fat and gaining the strength of character to do what is right for me. It’s time to move forward and take advantage of the opportunity I’ve been given to help people learn that they can and should be their own Oz.



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  1. Susan says:

    I don’t know what happened between you and Transformation, but all I can say is WOW. I stumbled onto this site completely by accident… and I must say, I love the character you are demonstrating here – it shows in every single thing you say. Sounds like stuff I would say, and for the same types of reasons!!! Would love to talk to you more. I myself went to Transformation Camp just a short while ago. Would you please contact me?? I would sincerely love to talk to you. You’re right – when you go looking for the truth, you are very likely to find it, and not everyone can handle it.

  2. Mike Krannich says:

    T.com is looking bleak. I think we’ve said our piece and it’s time to shut this down.

  3. Should have looked at this more seriously says:

    YA….if you are thinking of going to T CAMP…..if you have lots to lose then go but keep in mind that Bill is looking for his next big success and I mean BIG… someone who can lose lots… and be a good advertising “story”…. if this is you then GO… if you just want some tools…READ his BOOK…. purchase his recipes and you will save yourself lots of money…. yup he ignores most of those who attend he just gives you to his staff… they don’t follow up… they will sell you shakes and bars…..but otherwise you are on your own with the 20 people who attended camp with you on facebook for support (if you like fb do it)….so please think about spending the $ before you go…. THIS IS BILL’s JOB… this is how he makes more money so think before you attend… will this meet your needs??

  4. Danny says:

    After reading this I still have no idea why this individual is so disappointed. Why are you bashing Bill. My wife, my daughter and I attended transformation camp and we’re extremely satisfied. After following Bill’s program for 6 months my daughter went from 185 lbs. to 135. I was already pretty fit but wanted to take my fitness to a new level. I went from 158 to 142. From 16% fat to 10%. We are very pleased with our decision to attend transformation camp. You need to be more specific as to what your dissatisfaction is.

  5. Sherri says:

    All I know for sure is that T-com was a place for emotional healing. Group support was wonderful. When the site closed all the evils about Bill surfaced.
    As far as weight loss, his plan didn’t work for me. He himself changes his diet according to what book or product he wants to sell. Ex: He claims to use his Eating For Life book recipes. (this promotes his book). Then he turns around & says he has 5 shakes a day & a meal at his fave. restaurant. (Promoting his shakes) Sad to say, it is all about the money to him.
    The last named champion had already lost over 50 lbs. before joining his FB group. He is riding on her coat tails. Best thing I can say about Bill is to read his Transformation book & do the assignments. You will discover true ways of living life. For this I am very grateful to have met Bill.

  6. Sherri says:

    BTW, not true about having to loose lot’s of weight to be a champion. Lupe was a tiny thing to begin with. I think she only lost maybe 15 lbs (guessing). Ron & a few others had a lot more weight to loose & were named champions! It’s also a personality click & essay of praise that helps you get noticed.

  7. Helen Gordon says:

    I am not sure which camp you went to but nothing you have said describes even for a minute the camp I just finished at noon today. There was no staff that 28 of us were turned over to. Bill did the whole camp, setting each of our goals leading all the workouts. He ate 3 meals a day with us, did not push any of his products and gave us one of the most beautiful and custom designed workbooks I have ever seen. It was well worth my time and money. Not sure what your beef is with Bill but it might be best that you get your information updated. I would hate for people to read your outdated information and discourage people who need and want the close attention he gives to each participant.

  8. DJ says:

    I was googling Bill Phillips transformation camp and stumbled on your site. I was literally just a few clicks away from signing up for the November 2014 camp. Now I’m too afraid to do it…I don’t want to be used, ignored and lied to. I need to lose 100 pounds and be supported. Geez…..effin’ Louise….

  9. Phelecia says:

    Ive been following Bill for 20 years and I attended his camp, ” just remember” contracts and agreement should always be in writing on a professional level that way there are no surprises. I finally got a chance to be pushed by a coach that wanted to see another person (me) succeed, Bill did a HIIT on a spin bike with us and said encouraging things that motivated me to want to be a better person, Mom and athlete. He simplified the committees that I would entertain in my mind about should I cook a whole week of food or just drink a few shakes and one meal and he pretty much covered them both. I felt empowered when we left transformation camp. I finally met Bill Phillips, I was successful before I met him and just never felt I could have a break through until that weekend. I’m standing in the Gap to say sorry on Bills behalf because he seemed to really be kind and caring, but only the writer of this page knows how they feel, Everyone must take responsibility for the information he gives them as I mentioned earlier I followed him for 20 years and when I went to camp I only had about 10 lbs or more to lose and couldnt push myself to do it, but since I did his program over the years I never gained or over indulged and I went to the gym on a regular basis so I was ready to be pushed, I was just surprised it was going to be by Bill. We also did the group counseling sessions with Bill and he also has been hurt by a lot of people, for me I was happy to know he was human too and that he wasn’t perfect, and all the champions I met lost weight and to some degree seemed to feel they owed their life to him..Their lives and relationships had changed and I met very wonderful people of all backgrounds It was a great three days I will never forget. Happy thanksgiving and everyone get started on a Happy New Year…

  10. lj says:

    Im on the fence with what to believe here… I met Bill at one of his free workshops, and he seemed charming and sincere in his desire to help people. After having a one on one discussion with Bill, he then made me two offers; one to share my story, the other to work and trade with his organization… I was delighted that he made me those offers, Bill Phillips Mr. Body for Life himself! A couple of weeks later I went to yet another workshop and tried to get a moment to speak with him regarding HIS offer. When I attempted to get a moment with him he then made himself busy when he saw my effort. Then when I emailed him, his staff gave me the brushoff. Very dissapointing to experience this and gave me a new perspective on his integrity.

  11. Shirley says:

    I also attended a transformation camp and really enjoyed it. I signed the money back challenge contract, reached my goal and was verified, and have been told that my refund has been sent now a few times. I’m starting to feel lied to and am wondering if people really do get their money back?

    • Dissatisfied customer says:

      it is a lie you won’t get your money back but, it’s going to a better place in his wife’s pocket just like every sucker that went to their camp Myself included. live and learn

      • John says:

        I get the impression that Bill runs hot and cold (i.e., good and bad). Met him in person on a cruise. He promised when his next book came out we’d all get a free copy. It never came. Heard stories directly from two others who were promised certain working arrangements with him that were never realized. Many seem to be helped by Bill. Others apparently ignored. One thing is for certain, he knows how to market his products.

    • Sue Iversen says:

      It’s 2019 now and it looks like he is running the same scam! Promised money back for completing the program and I am still waiting!

    • Susan Iversen says:

      Wow this scam is still happening now! I did a challenge that completed at the end of 2018 and was supposed to get my money back, needless to say I am still waiting! AND I know that I am not alone. Please keep this site up for other individuals to hopefully be warned!

  12. Ann says:

    I also attended his camp and was disappointed when I realized he was rude and practically unapproachable. I had asked him a question and had clearly bothering him in that moment, not to mention I was basically told that I was wasting my time there! It goes to show you that you should never put anyone on a pedestal!

  13. Truth Sayer says:

    Bill Phillips is a money-making guy is all. I went to his “camp” – or should I say his 2 day “watch everyone kiss his ass” session. It is pathetic. A lot of the people there have come multiple times, each time paying their $1500.00 like it is no big deal. Wish I had that kind of money. It’s really sad – there are people on Facebook who think that Bill and his half-his-age wife Maria are actually their friends! LOL that is funny. He seems to get more friendly the more times you attend his camp. He gives away all the info you will need for his program free online here so why bother going to meet him in person?: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/bill-phillips-back-to-fit-12-week-trainer.html?searchterm=back%20to%20fit – his camp did not inspire me and others in the camp whatsoever – camp participants were privately contacting each other (not through Facebook) and spoke to each other about it. Bill ignored MOST of the people at the camp – really did. He talked a lot about himself and how he is worried about looking old being married to someone half his age. Bill is very creepy looking in person too with his plastic surgery – OMG – special kind of freak show – you look fake and old Bill! At the time we went to his camp he had a special challenge that would allow you to get your money back from the camp if you were to lose a certain percentage of body-weight. This is all the email said – lose a predetermined amount of weight and get your money back. Well after attending the camp there was this contract that had to be signed which contained all kinds of disclaimers and insane extra rules like you had to post on Facebook X times per week during the weight-lose process in order to get your money back. This was not in the original sign up here email that he sent out at all. There were people from the camp who did not feel very comfortable posting that much – but instead they would reply to other’s posts during the week. Sorry – not good enough they were told – you get no money back – you didn’t follow all the rules to the letter – and this was after these people lost the weight they agreed to lose within the set time. Total scam. In the spirit of the “contest” these people totally succeeded but they were denied what was owed to them. (I lost the weight but donated my money to Make-A Wish Foundation). It is true that there were more people at that particular camp that couldn’t really afford to go to it and were relying on winning the refund money of the camp price but in the end were screwed over over some unfair technicality. He only likes people that can afford his camp prices and not complain about it anyhow. And if you go more than once you can become a bigger friend of his. What a joke. His wife is also annoying with her posts on Facebook – always talking about how great her life is and bragging about how great Bill is. “Oh look – we are hanging out with Jerry Seinfeld this weekend – Jerry and Bill are GREAT friends!” or “we are on another exotic vacation!” look how rich we are! Don’t believe the hype about this guy.

  14. Shelia says:

    I have followed Bill and his plan for many years myself. I finally decided to get back into it again about 6 months ago. So I joined an online challenge, and it went very well.
    I can’t say anything about T-camp, because I have never attended one. Honestly, I could never afford to fork over $1500 for two days!
    Still, I followed the “closed” group on fb.
    Lately I have noticed A LOT of money making things. Maria had a 21 day challenge you could join for “only ” $250! Are you kidding me! If you are in it to “help” people, truly help. Then why charge someone so much money. Now Bill has a thing where you pay $14 a day for him to be your fitness buddy via live on fb for a month. And of course, 100’s sign up!
    I also notice a lot of ignoring of certain people’s posts “such as mine” that have never attended a camp. Then like said above, a lot of pathetic ass kissing. So I made a comment of thinking of leaving the group the other night. Honestly. Because I was getting so sick of all the narsastic people taking pics every single day of themselves! Like you don’t already know what they look like from one day to the next. I get your proud but seriously! Not to mention all the money making crap which seemed like it was becoming all the time!
    So with that being all I said with having personal reasons for leaving I find this morning Maria Phillips deletes me from the group. Honestly I am glad, but also a little hurt considering how highly I thought and believed in what they say. No more. I will continue to use Bills plan but as for respecting them. No more.

  15. Unknown says:

    Let me start with the good then I’ll get to the bad. Bill Phillips has had a lot of success when it comes to the fitness industry. He knows his information when it comes to eating, working out, loosing weight etc. He has done very well for himself finainclly whether ethically or not but it’s still success. Now let me tell you about my personal experience with Bill Phillips. I attend the Transformation camp in 2012. I was 14, two weeks away from turning 15. One of the youngest to be allowed to join his camp. After the camp, sinced I lived locally, I was able to attend the Transformation center everyday for 12 weeks. In the beginning of the 12 weeks I met a woman named Maria, now known has Maria Phillips. We talked almost everyday over text or calling. A few months later, around March or April, Bill Phillips asked Maria to marry him. At this point they had known each other for about 3 months but she also lived in Canada. She kept telling me that she didn’t know what to do and he was trying to buy her love and that he also lied about some things. She was going to turn him down because of multiple reasons. She deciding not too for some reason unknown to me. Over the next few weeks we got more distant and didn’t talk as much. I asked here why and her reply was, “Bill is jealous and doesn’t want me to talk to you.” I was 15 and he was almost 50! Really? Now, 4 years later, Maria comes into the place where I work (I’m the only one working at a given time) and doesn’t even act like I existed. Maybe she doesn’t remember me or she acts like nothing ever happened. That is my personal story. I still use Bill Phillips recipes and books but he messed up by getting his personal life and business life intertwined.

  16. Lana-Lee says:

    I read all the comments on here. How sad. The body for life was and still is such a brilliant tool to not only lose weight, but to get some discipline in your life, honour self promises, and better yourself. How terribly sad to read all of this. But I left the closed facebook group as well. Too much ass kissing. And some other stuff that made me feel uncomfortable. Glad I read this. Michelle is awesome. Even though I never spoke to her (I live in South Africa) I attended a Tennessee body for life weekend one year, and she was there as well. What a gorgeous humble beautiful human being. And I use her before and after pics as motivation.

  17. Shoeholic says:

    I know a lot about the real Bill Phillips. I was a part of the T.com group back in 2008-9. I know how he used and hurt the two ma in people that were helping him grow his community. How many of those walked away. How he faked his surgeries, the abuse he inflicted upon his fiance at the time. After she gave him the ring back he proceeded to give it to Maria just shortly after. I knew Maria before she became Mrs. Bill Phillips. When she was just starting out in our young adults group. He is not an honest man, unfortunately. I know for a fact the acts of abuse he gave his fiance. It took her even more courage and a year of heartache and a lot of loss to rebuild her life after she walked away. She was what he named his right light drinks after. He promised her so much, a great life and fame, but the abuse was too much. Physical and mental. I am not here just to bash him, but to hopefully spread some light on the real man he is. Many of his body for life featured people even walked away. He tried discrediting and ruining them on their personal pages. A few he bought back for a time to try and help him rebuild t.com. It’s just very sad after all these years that he’s still hurting people.

  18. Aldeena says:

    I was a member of the Transformation community. I never ever felt like I fit in. I’m not religious, and I honestly, while friendly, am not the peppy cheerleaders overly positive 24/7 types that seemed to rule the place. I felt like if you weren’t 100% spiritual and always happy, you were considered ungrateful and you weren’t working the program.

    I didn’t care for all the assignment stuff. A lot of it felt really hokey and fake. The simple Body For Life principles of nutrition and working out seemed best. Transformation was mostly about the hokey stuff though. The fakeness just oozed and from what i’ve seen of Bill on these live videos where he’s swearing and cracking crude jokes he’s not how he portrayed himself on T.com. It’s too bad that now to be in any sort of accountability group you have to pay. They no longer do the free groups. God, even Chris Winters who was like a flipping GURU on that page turned it into a money making thing. It’s just sad.

  19. david anderson says:

    I remember Bill Phillips very well as a rude and selfish man. We went to a dinner gala that he hosted way back in the day, the first body for life transformation. He ordered his meal and everyone else had to wait until he was served before they could order their meal. It was a nightmare! I am glad those days are over of seeing him.

  20. George says:

    I was going to write a long account of what I learned but the simple summary is run as far away from Bill and Maria’s programs. It is short term success and all about buy my shakes, buy my skin cream, but my products. Better programs out there and not all about marketing.

  21. former fan says:

    I have followed Bill for 20 years and was able to join his private FB group for one year with the promise of my refund when my workouts were completed. It was an investment. I was very excited! The excitement didn’t last. The group was filled with so many ass kissers and if you didn’t praise Bill or Maria you received no encouragement. Instead, you were critized for not working out with “sweat” on your face, or perhaps you just weren’t engaged enough. I didn’t let this stop me. I worked out all year long bc I wanted to get my money back, so I ignored how annoying & vain Bill was, and how Maria was running the show. I thought Bill was the expert….SMH Not to mention all of the private challenges you needed to sign up for within the private group, it seemed all he cared about was your wallet. The more money you spent the better you were treated.

    When the year was over I was so glad it was over! Bill was not the person I thought he was . He is a liar and a con artist. I did not get my money back bc they came up with bullshit rules that didn’t exist. And there were a lot of folks that didn’t get it either. I guess that’s on me for trusting Bill. I SHOUL D HAVE GOTTEN IT IN WRITING. HE IS A SCAMMER. So if you are reading this and you are on the fence, whatever you do watch out for the promises. If it sounds to good to be true, then get it in WRITING! Or just get his book. Better yet look up Keith Klein and do his Lean Body Challenge. It’s awesome! And you get support!!

  22. Sue Iversen says:

    Well Bill and Maria have not changed and I hope others will read this site! I was part of the 300 workouts club in 2018, with the promise of my fees being refunded if I completed 300 workouts in one year. I did and I have had nothing but a run around, and now I am blocked from commenting on their sites. So dishonest!

    • Amy says:

      saw that on a page that inspired me to search deeper which lead me to this site! I was committed to spending the 3k as I was a 2001 top BFL finisher in the competition. At 48 I want to see what that looks like now! Looks like a lot has changed in Bill Phillips heart!

  23. John Stanton says:

    Bill and Maria took my money in July for Right shakes and canning get a refund; they refuse to respond to emails.

    • John Stanton says:

      ** CAN NOT GET A REFUND **

    • Paul Olson says:

      John have you had any success in getting your refund? My wife is in the same position. They never delivered the product but did give her a phony fed-ex tracking number that was bogus. We are trying through our credit card now for a refund. The next step probably needs to group class action suit. We can’t be the only people they have done this to.

      • Rx PR says:

        You are not alone. This is happening to numerous individuals for products never shipped out, fake fed ex numbers, money taken. A number of folks that completed the 300 workouts are not receiving their refunds. They do not respond to emails, calls, texts. In addition, if you go public on their pages they simply delete your comments then ban/block you. They make promises they simply cannot keep.

        • Ma Be says:

          I’m in the same boat, placed an order in September and my card was immediately charged but I have yet to receive the product. I will be in their area in the near future and am going to try and stop by the address they list online and in their emails.

          • Ma Be says:

            Update; I have previously sent several emails to them requesting information on my order and have never received a response. This time I sent them an email informing them I would be stopping by their location the following day and wanted to know their hours. I immediately received two emails with shipping notification and a tracking number. So this tells me they are monitoring their email, they are just choosing not to answer. I have not received the product yet but the tracking number states it will be delivered in 2 days. From the emails I receive from their company I feel they are in financial trouble and are periodically trying to generate cash as needed. I will no longer do business with them and will try and spread the word as much as possible.

          • Ma Be says:

            Actually did receive a box from them yesterday however I had ordered a box of 20 shake containers (10 of each) and we received a box with only 12 containers in it. Bottom line is they appear to be a very poorly ran company that I would just try and avoid.

  24. You know says:

    I am ready to go public finally on the REAL person Bill Phillips is…. stay tuned because this will be HUGE!

    • Rx PR says:

      What is this news? I have been checking back weekly to see your post, but no new updates. I’ve been burned by them and want to know the truth.

  25. Joe says:

    Inspiration comes in many forms. Success does as well. Health and fitness results vary by individual on what success means. When you need someone else to tell you how you need to feel and look to be successful about your body you are already doing it wrong. I was a bodybuilder. Vanity was my biggest downfall. Now success for me is simply having the energy to perform daily activities without getting the wind knocked out too bad. Ride bicycles, run or walk on treadmills and excerise equipment and do some resistance training. Don’t get crazy with it. eat sensible meals not extreme fad here today gone tomorrow diets.

    Who is Bill Phillips ? I have seen him work his crafty skills since 1999. He is smart. He is cunning. He is incredible at what he does. What does he do ? He sells…

    He is simply the greatest used car salesman you will ever see Or meet in your lifetime. I am talking sociopath wolf in disguise dressed in sheep’s clothing great. He presents great products and tools you can use and you want to love him for it. He is a businessman. Good or bad business he has gotta pay bills too and he needs to keep that cash flow going. Don’t hate the man for making a living by getting you to agree to hand over your wallet. If it don’t work for you just move on. The logistics for money back guaranteed systems is a tangled mess of channels that is unreliable.

    Salesmen are everywhere, Bill is so good of a salesman he could find a pile of rocks in the alleyway put them on his countertop and sell them to you as healing stones…and you would buy them.

  26. Monty Cora says:

    I also have been getting the run around about the shakes I ordered on 9/30/19. Whenever Maria does respond it’s to lie and say they’ll be going out that day, She’s done that at least 3 times. I also lost allot of money when I pre ordered 5 cases of Fullstregnth shakes from Shawn Phillips. I have loved Bills workouts and products throughout the years, but enough is enough. Simply send people the products they’ve paid for or return their money. God knows Bill doesn’t need it.

    • William McMullin says:

      On 4/10/20 I placed an order and can not get a response about the shipping status…On 4/19/20 I sent another message stating that I will be filing a complaint with the FTC…If I do not get a response by 12PM ET (4/20/20) I will follow through with the complaint.

  27. Susan Iversen says:

    I don’t know if there is a way to have the most recent posts come up first on this website, I think it would be helpful for people to see that this scam is still happening, many may not read to the bottom and assume it is an old site.
    Thank you for creating it!

  28. Lydia says:

    Sue, did you get your refund? I was also in his group in 2018. I never did get my refund.

    Former Fan.

  29. Bob Langly says:

    I just submitted a report with the Federal Trade Commission on Bill Phillips and his fraudulent websites: transformation.com and eatingright.com. It seems to either be a complete scam or one of the worst businesses in existence. Either way, needs to be investigated. The reports with the FTC go out to over 2,500 law enforcement partners who investigate fraud and theft from phony businesses. I suggest you stay away from these two websites. I placed an order – was charged but have since never received shipping info. I have left message on the site with NO reply. I checked the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and there have been numerous complaints and experiences identical to my own. BEWARE!!!!

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